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How your company could help us

As a company you can support us in numerous ways. Thanks to our five main areas of funding it is possible for you to pick a project that relates to your company’s philosophy.

We are grateful to accept donations that have been raised at company events or celebrations, or donations that has been raised in a campaign for children with rare diseases by, say, reducing the number of presents given to clients, or ceasing to give presents to clients.

As there are no deductions the whole sum of your donation goes straight into funding one of our projects. Your donation is tax deductable and we can provide you with a receipt of your donation for the relevant authorities.

Unser Spendenkonto:

Care-for-Rare Foundation
Sparkasse Ulm

IBAN: DE93 6305 0000 0000 0035 33

Die Care-for-Rare Foundation ist als gemeinnützige Einrichtung anerkannt, Ihre Spende ist steuerlich absetzbar. Ab einer Höhe von 200 Euro erhalten Sie von uns automatisch eine Zuwendungsbescheinigung für das Finanzamt. Auf Anfrage stellen wir Ihnen gerne auch für niedrigere Beträge eine Bescheinigung aus.

Please contact:

Johannes Schwalke

Tel: + 49 89 4400-57998
Fax: +49 89 4400-57702