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Vernissage in Istanbul: Photo Exhibition about the Orphans of Medicine


More awareness of children with rare diseases in Turkey – this is the overarching goal of the German-Turkish photo exhibition about children with rare diseases which opened in Istanbul. Around 70 guests attended the vernissage in the Türkan Saylan Cultural Center in Maltepe/Istanbul. Apart from Ayse Sipahioglu, director of the Cultural Center, Maltepes Deputy Mayor Canan Döner was present and expressed her appreciation for the project and for the efforts of the Care-for-Rare Foundation in the frame of German-Turkish relations. Hasan Hüseyin Yıldız, director of EU and International Affairs Department of the municipality of Maltepe, added: "I think it's very admirable what Germany in general and the Care-for-Rare Foundation do for sick children and wish her further mission the great success". Ayse Sipahioglu emphasized the special honor of hosting the first international exhibition at the Cultural Center - especially since the exhibition theme is linked to the mission of the center which was named after Prof. Dr. Türkan Saylan, doctor and pioneer of leprosy treatment. The representative of the Turkish Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies, Selcan Kaya, praised the commitment of the Care-for-Rare Foundation: "With this photo exhibition, Care-for-Rare enhances the attention paid to the ‘orphans of medicine’ in Turkey. In order to help our patients here, it is very important that our patient organization gets this attention."

The exhibition includes 32 images of 11 children with a rare disease, most of them living in Turkey. Photographer Kamer Aktas visited the families in the spring and portrayed the children with his sensitive photographs - without payment. The Munich with Turkish roots is grateful: "I am happy that I can help children in my country through this project!”

After the week-long prelude in Maltepe/Istanbul, the exhibition will travel to the Turkish capital and be presented at the Ankara Chamber of Commerce. In November, the pictures will be shown at Erciyes University in Kayseri before they move to Munich in December. The fourth and final station of the exhibition is Munich airport where they will be on display from December 3 through 31.

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