"YES, WE CARE!" says Thank you!



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"YES, WE CARE!" says Thank you!

"YES, WE CARE!" comes to a finish - at least the online photo campaign, of course not the basic message of the Care-for-Rare Foundation!

The "YES, WE CARE!" online photo campaign was initiated by the Care-for-Rare Foundation in July 2018 to give children with rare diseases more visibility and create a wave of solidarity with those affected.

1,823 photos were uploaded to the online photo gallery www.yes-we-care.online Since one picture often shows more than one person, well over 2,000 people have publicly shown their solidarity with the "orphans of medicine". And still MANY, MANY MORE people could be made aware of the fate of children with rare diseases.

The impact this social media-based online awareness campaign has achieved is invaluable. And there was a lot of positive feedback - not least from affected sick children and their relatives, to whom this campaign gives hope and strength.

The Care-for-Rare Foundation sincerely thanks everyone who has participated! A big thank you also goes to all politicians and all companies who supported this awareness campaign with great enthusiasm - above all HiPP, Munich Airport and Pahnke Markenmacherei. Several other companies have also participated with their own activities, including Amgen, AVS Römer, Biotest and Raumedic.

At the end of the "YES, WE CARE!" campaign, the Care-for-Rare Foundatin produced a short film (in German and English) and a poster and communicated these via the following channels:

on www.yes-we-care.online

on Facebook

on Instagram

on Youtube

Please watch, like and share!

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