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Mission Statement


To cure all children with rare diseases – worldwide


To establish a global alliance in order to identify the causes of rare diseases and to develop effective treatments, based on our motto: from discovery to cure


The Care-for-Rare Foundation builds bridges between doctors, researchers, patients, representatives from the world of politics, business, the media and art. Every child should have access to medical care, regardless of their ethnic, ideological, religious or financial backgrounds. The Care-for-Rare Foundation complies with both national and international guidelines for the work of charitable organisations.


The Care-for-Rare idea is a multidimensional one. The foundation has currently five specific areas of funding. The international Care-for-Rare Alliance consists of academic centres for paediatric medicine as well as research institutes, all of which, together, aim to research the causes of rare diseases and develop new treatments for them. The Care-for-Rare Academy supports education through short- and long-term training courses. In individual cases Care-for-Rare Aid supports patients. Care-for Rare Awareness mounts public campaigns to make the general public aware of the fate of children with rare diseases and to sensitise medical staff towards these diseases. It is hoped to achieve a rapid and precise improvement in the diagnoses and treatment of rare diseases by the above-mentioned means. The Care-for-Rare Awards system honours excellent researchers.