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Care-for-Rare areas of funding

Care-for-Rare’s funding is divided into five main areas:

Care-for-Rare Alliance

The Care-for-Rare Alliance is made up of a growing network of doctors and research scientists, who work together across national borders in order to gain an understanding of the causes of rare diseases and to develop new treatments. Designated members of the Care-for-Rare Alliance are able to establish Care-for-Rare centres. These Care-for-Rare centres can then, in a united worldwide mission, all share the burden of giving children with rare diseases the appropriate care, so that, in the future, no child need die from his or her disease.


Care-for-Rare Academy

The goal of the Care-for-Rare Academy is to give young doctors and researchers the chance to become cross-disciplinary “physician–scientists” combining clinical practice with pure scientific research. As Care-for-Rare fellows they will receive either short-term (e.g. for stays at hospital or institutes abroad, or for travel expenses to scientific symposiums), or long-term funding (e.g. for the funding of further scientific training over a period of several years). The foundation especially tries to give doctors and researchers from newly advanced economic powers and developing countries the opportunity to be able to provide high quality care for children with rare diseases in their home countries.


Care-for-Rare Aid

Thanks to funding from Care-for-Rare it is possible to support individual children with rare diseases as well as their families. The charity wishes to convey the message that no child with a rare disease should be sentenced to suffering or even an early death. Every child should, regardless of their nationality or ethnic background and their family’s financial means, have access to the best possible medical care.


Care-for-Rare Awareness

It is the job of the Care-for-Rare Awareness programmes to make an important contribution towards ensuring that children with rare diseases are able to gain quicker access to competent, individualised care and that long treks from doctor to doctor become a thing of the past. Another aim is to inform, not only doctors, but also the public at large, about the special needs and difficulties related to delayed diagnoses and a lack of available treatments.


Care-for-Rare Awards

The Care-for-Rare Awards honour excellent young researchers and are a gesture that highlights the special nature and significance of scientific research dealing with rare diseases. These prizes for scientific research are meant to motivate active commitment to and involvement in the cause.