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3rd International Klaus Betke Symposium on rare inflammatory bowel disease

Opening at the „Rare Disease Day“: The 3rd International Klaus Betke Symposium took place from February 28 to March 3, 2017. This year’s symposium highlighted clinical and immunological aspects of inflammatory bowel diseases in children (VEO-IBD). International pediatric gastroenterologists and scientists from adacemic centres came to Munich to present current research projects and to develop novel therapies for these rare diseases. The Care-for-Rare Foundation co-organised the conference.

Dr. August von Hauner Medal to Professor Anne Griffiths


On the first conference day, Professor Anne Griffiths from the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto was awarded the Dr. August von Hauner Medal. The Canadian scientist received the award for her outstanding work as a paediatrician and researcher in the field of paediatric inflammatory bowel disease. Anne Griffiths is the Principal Investigator of the Canadian Children Inflammatory Bowel Disease Network (CIDsCaNN), a pan-Canadian Network focused on understanding the pathogenesis and optimizing treatment of children with IBD.

Annual Meeting of the VEO-IBD Consortium

The Symposium included furthermore the Annual Meeting of the VEO-IBD Consortium (March 2-3, 2017). The members of the VEO-IBD Consortium presented state-of-the-art clinical and research data and planned the further steps of the collaboration. The Consorium aims to identify the causes of very early onset inflammatory bowel disease, facilitate diagnosis and develop treatment strategies (www.veoibd.org).

We would like to thank the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation and the Helmsley Charitable Trust for supporting the conference and the VEO-IBD meeting!

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