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The Care-for-Rare Research Center at the new Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital

The Challenge

Every third child treated at the Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital suffers from a rare disease. More than 7,000 rare diseases are known to date, but there are only a few adequate therapies available at present. Despite great advances in medicine, many affected children cannot yet receive the help they need. Many of these little patients are thus sentenced to an early death.
Only research can help: In order to give all children a chance to live a healthy life, the disease mechanisms must be better understood. Only if doctors and scientists connect themselves worldwide and devote themselves to researching rare diseases, sick children can have hope for healing.


The Research Center

The Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital in Munich is a center of competence for the treatment of rare diseases. In order to advance the urgently needed research on the "rare", a research center is to be created, which offers room for scientific creativity and innovation in the immediate vicinity of the "New Hauner".
Nickl & Partner architects have presented a design of the planned research center to the Care-for-Rare Foundation. On 3,000 square meters, up to 200 scientists will jointly explore the causes of rare diseases and develop effective new therapies. The center in Munich will have an impact reaching far beyond Germany.


Please help!

In order to realize the "Care-for-Rare Research Center", we depend on the support of benefactors: 12 million euros, half of the costs required for the construction, have to be acquired through private donations. We have already succeeded in securing large donations amounting to six million euros as a basic stock. Our next goal is to raise a further six million euros in order to reach another important milestone on the way to a world class pediatric research center in Munich.
Our vision: No child should die of his or her rare disease! If you want to be part of our mission and support the construction of the Research Center, please contact us!




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