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Fight against leukemia: Help Raphael!

November 2017

Raphael is suffering from a rare leukemia. The two-year-old boy has already spent most of his young life in the hospital: Conventional chemotherapy, antibody treatments and even two bone marrow transplants could not help him. The blood cancer came back again and again.

All hopes are now resting on a novel immune therapy for leukemia, the so-called CAR-T cell therapy, which has enabled a healing in many patients in a comparable situation. With his parents, Raphael travelled to Seattle (USA) – for this therapy is not yet available in Germany. The treatment is Raphael's last chance for a healthy life - but since the German health insurance system does not cover the costs. The Care-for-Rare Foundation and many friends and neighbors of Raphael’s family want to raise the funds to make the expensive treatment in the US possible.

The CAR-T cell therapy

Immunotherapy is becoming increasingly important in the worldwide fight of doctors and researchers against cancer. It strengthens the body's defense. "T cells" are taken from the patient's blood and are reprogrammed in the lab to detect and switch off cancer cells. Thus, the immune system can fight the cancer itself. First clinical studies in the US are showing great success: cancer patients have a new hope.

The Care-for-Rare Foundation is committed to ensuring that the CAR-T cell therapy will also be established in Germany.

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We continue to receive donations for the treatment of Raphael (keyword "Raffi Fischer") and for the establishment of T-cell therapy in Munich (keyword "T cell therapy").

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