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Fundraising campaign: Knowah needs our help!

One-year-old Knowah is suffering from a rare syndrome known as Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome. His only hope is a stem cell transplant. However, unfortunately, his Filipino family do not have the financial means to pay for the 150,000-euro treatment. The Care-for-Rare Foundation is collecting donations, in order to make it possible for Knowah to be treated in Munich. We need your help!

Knowah is one year old and lives with his mum and dad in the Philippines. His parents had been waiting for him for a long time, and, after two years of hoping and praying Knowah, „a sweet present from heaven“, was born in 2014.

However, sadly, this carefree and happy existence was not to last: Knowah became ill. He repeatedly had to be treated in hospital; once for a severe case of pneumonia; another time for internal bleeding, especially in his bowels. The doctors helped him as best they could with blood transfusions and antibiotics. However, Knowah did not get better. The Filipino doctors did not know what was wrong with him.  A diagnosis was only made  possible by means of a blood test in the USA finally: the test showed that Knowah suffers from Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS), an illness which is caused by a rare gene defect. Only one or two children per million children are are affected by this disease. The typical symptoms are a weak immune system, bleeding and eczema. Children who are left untreated die in the first years of their life, some children do not even survive to see their first birthday. Another baby suffering from WAS in the Philippines died just last November.

The diagnosis was a big shock for Knowah’s parents. However, a diagnosis is also a cause for hope: a stem cell transplant can save Knowah. As the family does not have the financial means to pay fort his costly treatment they have asked the Care-for-Rare Foundation to help them.  The Care-for-Rare Foundation team is doing everything they can to raise the 150 000 Euros needed for Knowah’s treatment. The Care-for-Rare Foundation has already been able to provide 25,000 euros. An appeal in the local Munich newspaper the Münchner Merkur will hopefully realise a five-figure sum in donations. The fundraising campaign continues, however, as it is a race against time: Knowah is very stable at the moment thanks to good medication and weekly check-ups, but any and every infection could become life-threatening for Knowah due to his weak immune system.

Please help us, help Knowah!

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