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German-Thai alliance for better care for children with rare diseases

 The Care-for-Rare Foundation, along with the Chulalongkorn University of Bangkok, has initiated a „German-Thai alliance for better care of children with rare diseases“ in order to raise more awareness for rare diseases in South East Asia. Due to this the Care-for-Rare Foundation is hosting the first international „European-South-East-Asian PID Meeting: From Bench to Bedside“ in January 2015 in the Thai capital. The aim of the meeting is to discuss current challenges in the area of primary immunodeficiencies  (PID) in South East Asia and to call attention to the special needs and challenges that these pose for research and therapy. The meeting marks the official start of our cooperation with the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok as well as other partners with whom we shall be cooperating.

 International cooperation is especially important for the area of rare dieseases as only a small number of patients exist and there is a lack of expertise. Thailand and South East Asia have a significant amout of catching up to do as regards care, research and therapeutic options. There is also insufficient sensitivity for the topic politically. As it is one of the fundamental principles of the Care-for-Rare Foundation, to help affected children beyond national frontiers, the Care-for-Rare Foundation views this cooperation as an oppurtunity to support other regions in their efforts to provide better care for patients with rare diseases. With this goal in mind there will be a workshop for the local participants of the conference with lectures given by Prof. Christoph Klein and Prof. Martin van Hagen of Rotterdam University. As well as this there will be various speakers from the region (Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) who will outline the current situation in the area of PID.

„European-South-East Asian PID Meeting: From Bench to Bedside“

As a part of the conference a panel discussion aimed at generating publicity for the cause will take place, in which participants from the medical profession, scientists, the Thai ministry of  health and other important stakeholders will have a chance to speak, in order to encourage a political and economic discourse and so as to be able to develop new initiatives for an improvement of the situation of affected patients in the long term. The former Thai ambassador, Dr. Charivat Sanaputra, who is based in Munich, has given us his support and has taken on the role of patron of this event. He is well known for building bridges between Germany and Thailand for numerous and varied social issues. Our cooperation is also being supported by the International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies (IPOPI), the Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Association of Thailand and the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce. The economy can also profit from a collaboration between Germany and Thailand, as research and development promote technology and innovation and so whole new markets can be accessed.

 A second step in our cooperation with Thailand has been to intitiate a programme for visiting scientists and researchers, which enables young scientists and researchers to come to Munich for several months, so as to be introduced to the newest insights into researching and treating rare diseases. The resulting insights from research into rare diseases can also be of great importance for more common diseases. Due to research into rare diseases it has already been possible to develop a treatment for cancer. Thus, patients in South East Asia will profit from our expertise and we will gain a wide network of competent cooperation partners in South East Asia.

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