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Medical Help for little Hermann

October 2018

In mid-September, the Care-for-Rare Foundation was contacted by a Ecuadorian family with German roots, who asked for help for their tumor-infected, four-year-old son Hermann. For two weeks Hermann had suffered from headaches, nausea and paralysis, the typical symptoms of a brain tumor. First examinations in Guayacil/ Ecuador confirmed this hypothesis. In Ecuador, for many reasons the conditions to cure the little boy are not favourable.

At the Dr. von Hauner Children's Hospital in Munich we can help Hermann with a qualified, interdisciplinary team of doctors. In this emergency situation, the Care-for-Rare Foundation wants to do everything it can to save Hermann's life. The chances of success for a long-lasting cure are good, even if we cannot make any promises today. Neither Hermann nor his parents have health insurance in Germany - in view of the diagnosis and the intensive and lengthy treatment of their child, they will stay in Germany and reintegrate into our social systems. Hermann's parents cannot cope with this financial burden alone.

The Care-for-Rare Foundation has already received a number of generous grants from foundations, corporations and individuals. However, the treatment costs are not yet covered. Therefore we kindly ask for donations. Every Euro helps!

On behalf of our little patient and his family, we would like to thank you for your sympathy and support!

Please help us!

We accept donations for Hermann (Ref. "Help for Hermann"):

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Care-for-Rare Foundation

IBAN: DE93 6305 0000 0000 0035 0035 33


Thank you very much!

If more donations are received for Hermann than are needed for his treatment, we will use the surplus funds to help a needy child in a similar emergency under our "AID" funding line of support or to help further improve the chances of curing children with rare tumours as part of our "Alliance".



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