Donation of will


Helping beyond life

Death is always a caesura – in the horizon of finiteness many questions arise: What remains of myself? What memories will people keep of me? The question of the whereabouts of our material assets also moves us. With a sensibly regulated estate, it is possible to give help and care to weak and needy fellow human beings beyond one’s own death.

Children enrich our present, children are our future. We want all children to be able to hope for a healthy future – even those who suffer from a disease that we are not yet able to cure. In order to be able to help these “orphans of medicine” in the long term, we need your support! If you would like to do something good for these seriously ill children with your bequest, you can include the Care-for-Rare Foundation in your estate. We provide assurance that your bequest will continue to have an impact in the distant future – because the Care-for-Rare Foundation is built to last forever, and the goals of our mission will never lose their relevance.

If you are thinking about how to endow your estate for a better future, we would be happy to talk to you personally:, 089/4400-57700.