About us: The Care-for-Rare Foundation

Children with rare diseases are the orphans of medicine.

Their diseases are so rare that the little patients do not receive the necessary attention from society, politics and the pharmaceutical industry that they would need in order to be cured. The Care-for-Rare Foundation was founded in 2009 out of science and medicine to change that: Children with rare diseases must have faster access to modern genetic diagnostics and innovative therapies! In a unique way, the foundation combines the care for seriously ill children with the high demand to understand the basics of disease pathomechanisms through scientific research with the ultimate goal to develop new therapies through these findings.

The Care-for-Rare Foundation works globally and cooperates with an international network of physicians and scientists. Clinical research is currently supported with a special focus on diseases of the blood and the immune system. Thanks to modern genetic research on rare diseases, insights into general biological principles are to be gained. This knowledge not only serves patients with rare diseases, but also opens up new approaches to understanding the fundamentals of common diseases as well as to developing new therapies in the sense of personalized medicine.

Our funding lines

The Care-for-Rare idea unfolds multi-dimensionally and is concretized in five funding lines.

The Care-for-Rare Academy supports further education through short- und long-term training courses.

The international Care-for-Rare Alliance unites physicians and scientists from many institutions and countries in our joint mission to investigate the causes of rare diseases and develop new treatments for them.

In individual cases Care-for-Rare Aid helps young patients facing acute emergencies with financial assistance.

The Care-for-Rare Awards honor outstanding scientists who have already achieved success in the research of rare diseases.

Care-for-Rare Awareness supports campaigns that focus public attention on children with rare diseases and sensitize medical staff to their unique needs. This should lead to more rapid and precise diagnoses and treatments.

Frequently asked questions

We help children with rare diseases.

In accordance with the guiding principle “recognize – understand – cure”, the Care-for-Rare Foundation promotes research into rare diseases in order to develop effective therapies. It finances treatments, improves the care of sick children and pays for the training of paediatricians conducting research.

• Because there is still no help for 95% of rare diseases.

• Because 50% of those affected are children.

• So that young patients receive a correct diagnosis quickly and access to child-friendly treatment.

• So that every child has access to medical care and a chance of being cured – regardless of ethical, ideological, religious or financial background.

• The Care-for-Rare Center in Munich is a contact point for affected children that is frequented from all over Germany.

• The Care-for-Rare Alliance is an international alliance for the worldwide improvement of the situation of children with rare diseases.

• Children suffering from rare diseases.

• Parents of children with rare diseases who need advice and support.

• Paediatric medicine in Germany, because we train research-based specialists and guarantee the future of paediatric expertise.

For children with rare diseases