Pro.movere: The Care-for-Rare Science Award and the Bavarian Donor Award

pro.movere: more movement for sick children

Together with the Werner Reichenberger Foundation, the Care-for-Rare Foundation has launched the initiative “pro.movere – move more”. Both foundations are dedicated to caring for sick children and want to initiate more civic engagement. Children with rare diseases in particular need support from the whole of society: patrons and scientists need to come together to create strong alliances and open up new avenues of therapy.

As part of pro.movere, two prizes have been awarded annually since 2013 for exemplary personal commitment: the Care-for-Rare Science Award, which honors an excellent research project in the field of rare diseases, and the Bavarian Donor Prize, which is awarded to a personality who is particularly committed to helping disadvantaged people through their foundation or non-profit association. The prizes are two halves of one unit and are a symbol of the alliances through which our society can make itself strong for sick children.

Impressions of the Award ceremonies