Care-for-Rare Science Award: Award winners

2021: Dr. Gianluca Santamaria

Unravelling the role of retinoic acid in Tetralogy of Fallot using patient-specific iPSC-derived cardiac

2019: Prof. Dr. Holm Schneider

Prenatal Correction of X-Linked Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia

niessing & hirsch
2018: Prof. Dr. Dierk Niessing & Prof. Tobias Hirsch

„graspPURA“ | „Center for cell and gene therapy in epidermolysis bullosa“

2017: PD Dr. Dr. Christian M. Grimm

"Molecular dissection of the neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis causing CLN3 protein"

heymut omran
2016: Prof. Dr. Heymut Omran

"Validity of diagnostic testing in Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia"

michael schmeisser
2015: Dr. Dr. Michael Schmeißer

"Translational analysis of epilepsy in Phelan-McDermid syndrome and other Shankopathies"

petra wendler
2014: Dr. Petra Wendler

"Investigation of the Zellweger Syndrome Specture disorders at molecular level"

tina wenz
2013: Dr. Tina Wenz

"Towards a targeting protein replacement therapy for mitochondrial protein synthesis defects"