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Care-for-Rare Foundation für Kinder mit seltenen ErkrankungenResearch-based physicians play a key role in improving our understanding of diseases and developing innovative diagnostic and treatment concepts. However, there is a shortage of such highly qualified “clinician-scientists” in Germany – i.e. pediatricians who, in addition to their clinical activities, also work as scientists and research rare diseases. The strategic cooperation between the Reinhard Frank Foundation and the Care-for-Rare Foundation sets a counterpoint by biographically supporting clinician-scientists in pediatric medicine. On the one hand, the program underlines the high importance of an overall social responsibility for the well-being of our children, and on the other hand, it is also groundbreaking in the sense of a value-oriented promotion of future decision-makers as well as a strengthening of the international orientation and increasing interdisciplinary networking. Since 2013, 12 clinician-scientists have been funded by the Care-for-Rare Foundation. They are enabled to work clinically and pursue ambitious research projects at the same time.

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